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Why Sportshotels.com is proud to support local sporting clubs, the backbone of many communities across the UK

Sports clubs in the UK are an important part of a healthy community. They bring undoubted cross-generational benefits and their continuance is unarguably something that should be cherished.

It is hard to pin down how many active clubs there are in Britain, since many are relatively informal and current statistics are thin on the ground. Data from 2013 suggests some 151,000 clubs with 21 million members.

These figures are now almost certainly superseded and it is safe to assume the numbers will be even greater, especially given the renewed interest in sporting activity sparked by the enforced inactivity of lockdown.

The fact is that local clubs are part and parcel of many people’s lives, affording them a chance to socialise with others with similar interests, whether it involves watching from the touchline or taking part.

Vulnerable children, and those most isolated in society, can often find an outlet for their enthusiasms through sport and through mingling with others. It is a great tribute to the armies of sports club volunteers that many clubs thrive in the most troubled communities.

Participating in a club can also take children out of their immediate environments, and travelling to and from games and enduring wins and defeats together can significantly strengthen community bonds.

Travelling in the UK, however, can be particularly challenging these days and finding suitable, age-appropriate accommodation close to venues and up to the necessary standards can be a logistical nightmare for professionals, let alone inexperienced volunteers.

That is why we are pleased to support sport in the UK by helping sports organisations, and sports people source comfortable accommodation tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Established by people with unrivalled experience in the hospitality sector, Sportshotels.com has set out from the start to understand what travelling groups are looking for on their sporting journey, and to provide it seamlessly, professionally and economically.

Now, however, we are upping the ante, and making this promise: send us your away fixture list and we will arrange the accommodation for your group for the entire season.

That’s all it takes. One phone call. One email. And instead of the start of the season being an insurmountable worry, organisers can look forward to enjoying their sport and their people’s part in it, knowing they will be taken care of in the best possible way. 

That’s what our team here at Sportshotels.com prides itself on…putting in the hours so that the organisers of events don’t have to.

We work closely and mutually beneficially with its extensive network of hotel partners across multiple national and international chains and management companies to source the most suitable locations that meet teams’ bespoke requirements.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a major sports event, team accommodation or perhaps a sports-related conference, the team is primed to work with sports clubs from grassroots level through to the elite layer – and find the ideal accommodation for all of them.

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