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The Evolution Of Cricket

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports and here at we absolutely love it. In this blog we take a look at the evolution of cricket as it went from the original test matches, to its latest format, The Hundred.

Did you know cricket originated in South-East England and became an established sport in the 18th century, before developing globally in the 19th and 20th centuries? Not the centuries we necessarily thought we’d be talking about when writing a cricket blog (sorry, we had to) but here we are!
We may as well start with cricket’s first format, Test Cricket. This is probably the best-known form of cricket, particularly internationally and is played across five days, with two innings for each team. Now, five days can seem like a long time, and that’s why this format is particularly loved by cricket purists, those who live and breathe the game. It’s also used for one of the UKs biggest sporting events, the Ashes, where England play bitter rivals Australia. A rivalry so intense they can only play it once every two years.

After Test matches had dominated cricket, it became clear that there was a real appetite for a shorter format, and One-Day Internationals (ODI) were born. ODIs are comprised of 50 overs per team and is completed in a single day, hence the name. The first game was played in 1971 between, yep, you guessed it, Australia and England. It went down a storm with fans and gathered serious momentum. Looking back at that last sentence, storm probably wasn’t the right word to use for cricket, given a single drop of rain has umpires fearing for a delay in play.

After ODIs, and you’re going to notice a pattern here, came T20. An even shorter format that sees each team bowl for just 20 overs and you can already probably guess what happens here. They smash it all over the place! With just 120 bowls each to face, the batsmen see this as the perfect opportunity to throw caution to the wind and give it some, which makes for quite the spectacle. You can expect to see a few golden ducks and 6s here, and we love it.

Just when you the evolution of cricket had hit is peak and the cricketing bodies had brainstormed all possible formats of cricket, they went and launched what has gone on to be a sporting phenomenon. THE HUNDRED. The shortest format of cricket you can find in this country, where each team faces just 100 balls, meaning overs are actually five balls instead of six. Think of cricket on steroids. These games are a full-blown party, so much so that even the majority of teams play in bright coloured kits, something you’d have never thought possible years ago. One of the best parts about these kits is that they’re all sponsored by a form of savoury snack, thanks to KP Snacks. One kit is sponsored by Skips and another by Butterkist Popcorn, not to mention Hula Hoops and KP Nuts! Right, I’m getting hungry now so going to draw this blog to a close.

We admire what cricket has done over the years. It has noticed a need for change in order to attract a new audience base, as without that, how does a sport really grow? Each new format led to an increase in interest in the sport and more importantly, people decided to play it, and as a result, giving more back to grassroots sport, something we can really get behind here at

Kudos to you, cricket. And just to put it out there, we love every format and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the evolution of cricket.

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