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Our World Cup Predictions 

With the World Cup starting this weekend and the best teams in the world competing against each other, we thought it only right that we at Sporthotels.com give you our predictions on how the tournament will go.  


If you look at the odds, Brazil are down as strong favourites for the competition, and we can see why. Not only do they have the choice of arguably the two best premier league keepers, but a wealth of attacking talent from Neymar to Vinicius Jr. However, we aren’t going to tip Brazil, even though it would be very easy to. 

When it comes to winning world cups, there’s one team that is due a win due to win after years of hurt (aside from England of course). 

Our predicted World Cup winners 2022 are… Argentina. With the Argentines not winning the World Cup since 1986 and this being Messi’s last chance to win the most prestigious trophy in football, who would bet against them?  

If the South Americans were to make the final, it is likely to be Messi’s 1000th ever professional football game. Who’s to a say he won’t put on a memorable show with the whole world watching? 


This tournament we have picked the winners of AFCON, Senegal. The Senegalese have qualified for five FIFA World Cups, reaching the quarterfinals of the 2002 tournament. Despite this, no African countries have ever won the tournament, but you’d be forgiven for not taking them seriously. 

This Senegalese side however boast one of the best African teams we have seen with stars such as Koulibaly in defence and Bayern Munich’s Mane in attack. Could this be the year that Africa finally have a World Cup winning side? We’d be thrilled for them if so! 

Top Scorer  

Harry Kane is currently considered one of the best strikers in the world. The Englishman has been scoring goals for fun over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing down, especially with England facing some of the smaller nations in the group stage of the tournament.  

Kane was the golden boot winner at the previous World Cup in 2018 despite facing intense competition from the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku among others.  

 Kane bagged the top prize for the first time in his career with six tournament goals and we expect him to defend his crown. 

Worst Team  

Qatar has been in the news a lot lately, and not for good reason. First, there was the scandal involving the use of labour to build its stadiums, then there were reports of poor working conditions and even deaths at those same construction sites. 

Now, it seems that the team is embroiled in another scandal, this time involving allegations of bribery and corruption. The team’s former general manager, Mohamed bin Hammam, is accused of paying millions of dollars in bribes to officials in order to secure Qatar’s bid to host the World Cup. 

However, this money won’t be able to help the team on the pitch. With this being Qatar’s first World Cup, and them having little chance of qualifying if they weren’t the host, it’s safe to say they will struggle against the bigger nations with some predicting they won’t even score a goal.  


We’d like to think we’re half decent at sports predictions, but our real strength lies in organising stays for sports clubs from all over the UK. So, if you think we can help you, give us a shout!  

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