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With the World Cup finishing just days ago, and the Premier League resuming on Boxing Day, is it time to reassess the football schedule and put players first? 

Look, this season is one like no other. The World Cup taking place in November and December meant that elite football in the UK, would, for the first time, experience somewhat of a winter break. Now, we say somewhat because it hasn’t been a break for those competing. 

English football is one of the few nations that welcomes non-stop football over Christmas, with teams normally competing around three times during a seven- or eight-day period. It’s easy to say ‘well, they make a load of money so they should get on with it’, but are we going to burn them out and do we need to relook at the football schedule? 

Granted England only reached the quarter-finals so their players should be fine to compete, right? Well, not necessarily, what about the players who went even further in the tournament and play in the Premier League? 

When talking about needing a break we don’t always have to refer to a physical break. The tournament will surely have a huge effect on the players and getting straight back to it for club might not be the best thing.  

As fans, of course we want to see elite level sport played as much as possible and football has become synonymous with the Christmas calendar. Having said that, sport is only great if the players are playing and feeling great. Are we going to see them perform to their best of their abilities after what has been a gruelling month in the beaming Middle-Eastern sun? 

The honest answer is, we don’t know and we’ll find out when we see them lace up their boots on Boxing Day, but it wouldn’t surprise us if we see a few avoidable injuries sneak in and if it does, you know that clubs will pint the fingers at Qatar as the cause. 

Rest is just as important as recovery and here at we are able to find accommodation with all the comforts needed to ensure your team is at peak physical condition to compete. Get in touch to find out more  

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