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How to stay motivated during your away trip

While there’s no denying an away trip can be a fun and memorable time for sports people, it can also be difficult to stay motivated during time away from family and friends. However, motivation is key to achieving peak performance so we’re going to share a few top tips on how to stay motivated during your away trip.

Stay in touch with loved ones

Our family friends are always a great source of motivation so it’s important you check in with them during lengthy spells with your team. A quick phone call or even a facetime can go a long way in maintaining motivation. Particularly as these people are often our biggest fans and could never get bored of telling us just how amazing we are and that they’re super proud of us.

Put in the extra hours on your away trip

Motivation is often born out of a will to be the best and normally the only way to do that is to be putting in more work that than your competitors and even your teammates. Whether that be heading to the gym, taking a dip in the pool, or simply going for a jog, these are great ways to stay motivated. What’s more, they’re also hugely beneficial for competition, so come game day, you’ll be raring to go.

Quality time with the team

During your away trip we recommend against staying secluded within your own room, away from the outside world and the rest of your team. Spending regular quality time with your teammates breeds not only camaraderie, but also huge motivation as you want to do well for each other. You’d be surprised just how much this improves performance and this quality time can help in competition, it will have you running through brick walls for one another!

REST on your away trip!

Now this might sound strange given the fact that we’ve just told you to put in the extra hours, but balance is key! By rest we mean take time away from competition, for example, watch some TV or have a go on the PlayStation. Or even head to the sauna or steam room and get your recovery in it at the same time! It’s often easy to forget how important rest is but in order to achieve your best you need to commit enough hours to downtime.

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