Away Trip Planned? Here's Five Things You Need To Check

Five things you need to check ahead of your away trip

Planning your away trip can be stressful and a job which other people at the organisation may sometimes take for granted. We at completely recognise this so we wanted to give you a helping hand and let you know five things you need for your away trip.

Budget friendly accommodation

Let’s start with budget. It can sometimes be tough stretching out the pennies. The job of pleasing everyone, while also managing expectations, can be a tricky one to manoeuvre but it’s something that has to be done, unless you want the finance team on your back!

When choosing your accommodation it’s important to do your due diligence to find out what is effectively in your price range, you can then weigh up the pros and cons of each hotel in order to find the best for you. For example, if you’re away for a tournament then recovery is going to be key so a gym and swimming pool will be vital, however, if it’s a quick pit stop then you may just be after somewhere with a boardroom or exclusive area where you can go over plans before the big day.

Transport for your away trip

A vital part of any away day, transport. We always recommend travelling together for two reasons, it’s great for morale and camaraderie, as well as being much better for the environment. Here at we encourage all our clients to travel as sustainably as possible and be environmentally friendly wherever possible. In another of our blogs we talk in depth about sustainable travel, we highly recommend giving that a read!


When travelling, it’s not just the athletes you have to worry about, you also have a lot of equipment with you. When confirming your accommodation it’s important to chat with the hotel prior to booking to find out what is available by way of storage. It might be that they have a designated area or they can offer a separate room, but this is vital. The last thing you want is your kits and equipment dumped outside, especially here in the UK where the weather is, shall we say, unpredictable!

Amenities suitable for you

Like mentioned earlier in the blog, each club will need different amenities, there’s not a one-size-fits-all for this sort of thing. Before even looking at hotels have a think about what YOU need and what you could maybe do without. This will not only speed up the process but will also stand you in good stead for future bookings. It’s also worth consulting with the wider group to see what they need. Need being the key word, don’t look for somewhere with a jacuzzi because one member of the team thinks they’ve earned the right to some premium relaxation…

Pre-agreed meals on your away trip

A key one, particularly for preparation. It’s extremely beneficial to look into what a venue offers in terms of dining and also if you can pre-order your team’s meals. Nutrition will be a high priority for managers/coaches and they will often want to be consulted prior to confirming the booking to check they’re happy with what the venue has available

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